The etymology of the word media derives from the latin word ‘medium’. The term ‘mass media’ was coined by modern researchers to define the masse communication and news outlets reaching the public audience.
Kinsei Media Makers seek to revert to the media’s essentiel significance and purpose by connecting people, society and companies as well as Japan and the world.
We recognise that companies are a community where people gather to work, and that companies reflect the current of the society and its future. We believe that companies respecting the welfare and dignity of workers lead to a healthy society and sustainable economy.


Our expertise lies in creating various medias as means to reach people. We have extended experience in producing audiovisual content (news, TV, advertisement) and managing news outlets on social media. We can produce content to reach a wide range of audiences from baby-boomers to millennials and GenZ.
Today, companies are expected to take responsibility to combat global issues such as climate change, environment issues, armed conflicts, poverty, discrimination, human right issues and gender equality.
Kinsei Media Makers operate media outlets which correspond the expectations and demands of the next generations, while helping the client companies with the global PR strategies and social branding.


11, rue Pascal 75005 Paris France
Tel : +33(0)6 63 81 35 15


  • Campany Name
    Kinsei Media Makers SAS
  • Established
    October 2021
  • Location
    11, rue Pascal 75005 Paris France
  • Board Member
    President : Ryoya TAKADA
    Chief Executive : Yoshihiro ONODERA
  • Capital
    35.000 euros
  • Activities & Services
    News & Social Media « PEEPLE »

    Production of brand content for social platforms and TV, Audiovisual & Video Content for SNS Platforms, Global news coverage & reports,
    Production of TV programs & documentaries

    Filming Events&Lives by Professionals on the location, Multicam Live Streaming for Events

    Social Branding & Expertise for Global PR strategies, Social media platform management & data analysis
  • Siret
    coming soon
  • RCS
    coming soon
  • APE